Join Alena Bennett for this CPD workshop on "Crunch Time - How to deliver to deadline without killing yourself in the process!"

Crunch times are hard and the ability to lead through successfully them requires far more than the technical component. However, as technical experts, we haven’t had the opportunity to invest as much time into our leadership skills - we have focused on staying abreast of the latest standards, regulatory requirements and market trends. That has made us very successful. But today’s market requires more. The regulatory and Board focus on leadership and culture coupled with the emergence of a multi-generational workforce that has significantly different expectations and needs means that leaders need more in their toolkit if they are going to not just survive, but thrive.

Time is finite…and our workload continues to increase in volume and complexity. Leaders need to be equipped more than ever with the tools to continue to deliver to deadline, address the risks, and inspire confidence in their teams and stakeholders.

Let’s talk about how we can lift our game and lead more effectively than we ever had, whilst delivering better outcomes for our stakeholders, our teams and ourselves (hint, it’s not all about time!).


  • What informs, inhibits, and inspires our ability to deal with crunch times.
  • The key elements you need to lead successful crunch times.
  • How to incorporate and embed these elements into your leadership.



  •  Leaders who want to change their perspective and approach to their leadership style when under the constant urgency of pressure.

About the Speaker
Alena Bennett is a thought leader, executive leadership and team performance expert, passionate about helping people make better decisions when faced with the pressure and urgency of crunch times. Her mission is to equip leaders to experience the impact leadership skills has in supporting their technical skills when leading their teams and enable them to deliver outstanding results that inspires. With her guidance, leaders are provided with insight into the factors that contribute to success or a failure and the skills and tools needed for sustained success. Meeting a deadline is only part of the equation!

Alena works with individuals, teams and within organisations. She also speaks at conferences and workshops to those that are looking to step up and create valuable and sustainable change.

Her style is practical with the intent to inspire positive change and growth: she does soft skills hard! Alena is turned on by interaction with and between her audience and in doing so, engages all senses. This is why people remember what they hear.

Always keeping it real, Alena draws from all areas of her life; from her cultural background to her years in Finance and the USA; from being a mum to brain science.

 When:  Tuesday, 11 June 2019
 Where:  NATSPEC, 
   Level 4, 263 Clarence Street
   Sydney NSW 2000
 Time:  8:30am - 12:30pm
 Price:  Members - $220 (incl. GST)
   Non - Members - $275 (incl. GST)
 RSVP:  Online via AIQS website
   Group registration please complete the Registration Form and return to events@aiqs.com.au
 CPD Points:  4.0


Join Alena for another insightful workshop as she delivers "Amplify your impact - The mindset and skillset to cut through and deliver with confidence". Click here for more information and to register.

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11/06/2019 8:30 AM - 11/06/2019 12:30 PM

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