Date: 17 June 2019 
AIQS identifies core solution to prevent construction defects

The anticipated investigative report on the defects at Mascot Towers to be released by the New South Wales Department of Fair Trading will reside in the seemingly growing dossier containing the Shergold and Weir Report, Murray Report, Lambert Report, VCAT decision on Lacrosse Tower Fire, and the Opal Tower Report which highlight the necessity for immediate change in the procurement model for Australia’s built environment.

The outcomes of these reports and investigations have resulted in measures to rectify some shortcomings.  However, the underlying reasons why the construction industry across Australia is facing these issues have not been adequately addressed.

Deficiencies arising from incomplete design, non-compliance, payment of contractors and subcontractors, apportionment of risk, and cost blowouts have only been partially addressed.

Outside of requiring the appointment of a clerk or works on all construction projects, the most practical solution is the appointment of an independent audit consultant by the client.  This consultant would ensure the project design reflects the clients’ requirements, is within budget, appropriate contracts are in place, fully costed design specifications are provided along with a BIM (where project scale warrants), contractor and sub-contractor suitability is identified, risk is apportioned according to responsibility, compliance with design and contract specifications, adherence to the BCA, with the end product having minimal or no variations and defects.

A Certified Quantity Surveyor is the only truly independent professional consultant with the requisite skills and experience to ensure all pre-and during construction risks are appropriately identified and addressed. Currently, Certified Quantity Surveyors provide the Independent Certifier / Reviewer role for Public Private Partnership projects and have the expertise to ensure construction projects are completed with improved delivery and minimal risk to developers, contractors, financiers and end users.
Anthony Lieberman
Communications and Marketing Manager
Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors
Direct Phone: +61 2 8234 4009

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